Future of Grimsby Art Museum

Benjamin Harrison

3D render of a bright white art gallery with paintings on the walls and sculptures

Benjamin Harrison is a Game Design student at Grimsby Institute. Benjamin’s vision for the future of Grimsby draws on a commitment to sympathetically apply image, colour, and design to local landmarks to reimagine the town.

Benjamin says: “I wanted to show the development and transformation that Grimsby town centre could have with just a bit of love and time along with the help of amazing artists and ideas. I feel our community could come together to make these ideas a reality… I took pictures from the town centre, and the area surrounding it, that I thought could do with some visual improvements to make Grimsby a brighter and happier place, and created new designs to display in a virtual art museum… I took inspiration from different art murals located in other cities and towns to redesign and give a new, better and brighter look. I included different fishing art murals to show Grimsby's fishing heritage and added more plant life to the walls buildings to improve both its look and the air quality of the town centre.”

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